WhatsApp Marketing Strategy That Works

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy That Works

WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata are gaining fame with time. There are many reasons why WhatsApp marketing brings unimaginable results. Apart from the fact that almost everyone uses this mobile application, there is another reason why WhatsApp marketing works like wonder. It has a high open rate. People check their WhatsApp messages, even if they don’t check their emails. It is the greatest advantage of WhatsApp marketing. People not only open their WhatsApp messages but also responds to these messages if CTA gets used properly. 

If you have never used WhatsApp marketing, you are probably wondering how to use WhatsApp to promote your product and concept. Here is a quick guideline to follow.

Define Your Goal

There is no doubt that WhatsApp marketing has a high conversion rate. This marketing process possesses the power to turn your company name into a brand. However, to make WhatsApp marketing work for you, it is essential to define your goal. You need to know what exactly you want from your marketing campaigns. Do you want to educate your customers about your products? Do you want to spread your name? Or, do you want to turn your product into a brand? Ask yourself these questions before making any decision. Once you have defined your goal, you will be able to sketch your marketing strategy with ease.

Know Your Audience

To develop an effective marketing strategy, you need to know your audience. Who are they? What are their pain points? What makes them excited? Unless you know all these, you will not be able to develop a strategy to appeal to the audience. Remember that you are developing your marketing strategy for people. If you don’t personalize your marketing messages, you are not going to win over your target customers. The world has moved past the first name basis engagement trick. Now, no one gets overwhelmed by the first name address because every other company is doing it. You need to make things special by knowing your audience. Your campaign should offer them solutions to their problems. The WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata ensure that they personalize each message to engage their audience. 

Know Your USP

Why should people come to you? Why should they use your product? Before developing your marketing copy, you need to answer these two questions. What is so special about your service? Unless you find your USP, your campaign will lack its convincing voice. There are thousands of other companies which offer the same services. Why should people choose you? Ask this before making any decision. 

Brand Persona

Brand persona and voice are the most essential elements when it comes to marketing. The professional WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata ensure that each company has a defined brand persona. People remember the persona. Therefore, you need to decide how you are going to present your company to the world. Do you want to be viewed as a compassionate, warm brand? Or, do you want to be viewed as a harsh motivator? You need to decide before writing the first line of copy. 

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