Bulk SMS Marketing Services in Kolkata

With time SMS marketing has gained slow fame. Even though some people have banished the usefulness of SMS due to the rise of smartphones and a plethora of mobile applications, surprisingly SMS marketing has managed to survive the test of time. From telecommunication to the food industry, every sector is using SMS for various purposes nowadays. Any Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata will tell you that the demand for the SMS marketing campaign is increasing with time.

If you are not familiar with the SMS marketing process, you are probably losing out a lot of potential customers out there. Even though a plethora of mobile applications is available for brand or product promotion, SMS can give you an additional advantage. However, before delving into the discussion of why SMS marketing is trending currently, let’s have a look at the definition of SMS marketing. What does it refer to? What are the benefits? And more importantly, why should you choose us to drive your SMS campaign forward?

What Is SMS Marketing?

Before you start looking for a bulk SMS provider, you need to get your concept clear. SMS marketing refers to sending text messages for promotional campaigns. SMS campaigns are used to send out time-sensitive updates or offers. Some companies use text messages to send business alerts to their customers as well.

The main purpose of SMS marketing is to build a solid relationship with potential customers. Everyone knows that customer engagement is the only key to business success. If you want to augment your sales, you cannot sit around and wait for people to find you. A pro marketer will urge you to go forward and get in touch with your customers. SMS does just that. It allows brands to communicate with their potential customers. The best thing about SMS is – it is the fastest way of communication.

When SMS Marketing Is Used?

Now, the question is when you can use SMS marketing. If you speak to a professional company that provides bulk SMS services, you will come to know that SMS campaigns can be used for different purposes. Modern companies have ample chances to use SMS to promote their brands.

You can use an SMS campaign to accentuate any short-term promotional needs. This means, if you have an urgent announcement regarding a price change of some kind, you can use SMS to let your customers know. In the case of a product launch, companies use SMS campaigns these days. SMS is a great tool to use when something urgently needed to be informed. Bulk SMS services plan campaigns to increase reach and engagement.

At some point, communication becomes the greatest challenge of a business. When the number of customers increases, companies usually struggle to send updates and alerts about orders. In these situations, SMS comes as the savior. Even e-commerce giants use SMS to update their customers. An SMS service provider is the best person to strategize an SMS campaign because it is not like sending out random texts to people. You need to have a proper plan to generate engagement.

Benefits Of SMS Campaigns

Now, you may why to make the effort of using SMS campaigns when there are so many mobile applications available. The answer is simple, you do it because SMS marketing brings along a wide range of benefits that no one can ignore.

SMS Has a High Open Rate

The greatest benefit of SMS marketing is the high open rate. Companies use SMS to update their customers because of the open rate. It has been seen that people open around 98% of text messages. So, if you are looking for a way to engage your customers, SMS is the best tool to use.

Higher Conversion Rate

Any Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata will tell you that SMS campaigns increase the conversion rate. Even though there are too many tools marketers use to promote their brands and products, SMS still holds the credit for the highest conversion rate. If you can use SMS in the right way, people will notice your business and know about your product.

Affordable Promotion

SMS marketing is affordable. You don’t have to spend a hefty sum of money to design your SMS marketing campaign. For this reason, most companies are turning towards SMS campaigns for urgent updates.

Why Hire Us?

We have a big team of marketers working for us. Each one of them has years of experience working as a bulk SMS provider. They know the right way to design SMS campaigns to increase reach. Also, they possess the required knowledge to compose messages to engage people.

We provide affordable packages to suit our clients’ needs. If you have a need to reach a huge number of people within a short time, we suggest you get in touch with us and learn about our packages. Our experts will sit with you and plan out your SMS campaigns with time and patience.

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