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WhatsApp has grown beyond a simple messaging application. Now people use this platform as a marketing channel as well. If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing service, you need to opt for WhatsApp marketing. Any WhatsApp SMS service in Kolkata will tell you that this marketing channel possesses a plethora of benefits. However, before discussing that, let’s have a look at the mistakes people make when developing a WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Lack Of Follow UP

Follow-up is important if you want conversion. Without follow-up, you will not be able to turn your potential customers into your current customers. For this reason, follow-up is essential and frequently marketers lack in this department. They don’t make enough effort to follow up after sending messages. Not following up is going to cost you big money. If you don’t have a dedicated team to follow up with your clients, you can get in touch with a professional WhatsApp SMS service provider to take care of your WhatsApp marketing requirements.


Sometimes driven by the zest of marketing, companies end up spamming their customers. Sending them multiple messages, or sending them irrelevant messages can cost you a valuable database. You must have a strategy for WhatsApp marketing as this is a powerful tool that you can use to get more business. Therefore, it is wise to find a skilled team of marketers who will be able to develop a strong marketing strategy for you.

Not Creating Crisp Messages

Writing WhatsApp messages is an art that everyone cannot perform. If you are sending unstructured messages to your customers, you are setting yourself up for big disappointment. They either will ignore your messages, or they will spam you. Therefore, it is required to find a professional writer who can compose your WhatsApp messages to attract your potential customers. Remember that it is not easy to attract people’s attention these days. So, you need a skilled WhatsApp SMS service provider to write your messages.

Continue To Send Messages To Non-Responsive Customers

Some customers are not going to respond to you no matter what. These don’t open messages or click on links. If you continue to send messages to these people, you are wasting your valuable time and money. Once you update your contact list, you get to reduce promotional costs.

For this reason, you must do an audit to find whether someone is responding to your messages or not. In case, you find a customer who does not respond, you should stop sending them messages at once. Here also a professional team of marketers can help you. Professionals possess proper knowledge of tracking progress. So, it will be easy for them to track non-responsive customers.

Wrong Time

Promotional messages have some regulations. You cannot send people marketing messages at the wrong time. It either creates a bad impression or gets ignored. For this reason, you must create a schedule to send out promotional messages. If time research seems like a complicated task, you can always seek help from people with experience. A professional team will be able to tell you when to send messages to your customers to get more conversions.

Not Categorizing Customers

Categorizing customers helps in increasing brand value. Also, it gets you more conversions. Some companies make the mistake of sending out messages to everyone in their contact list. You must understand the essential fact that everything will not appeal to everyone. Therefore, there is no point in sending everyone the same product promotional messages. Segmenting brings more profit because targets the right people. A professional provider of WhatsApp SMS will be able to help you with segmenting. If you are not being able to create the right customer profile, a team of professionals will surely do it for you.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Marketing

After all these, you may wonder why should you make an effort to develop a strategy for WhatsApp marketing. It seems like a lot of hard work after all, right? However, if you take a look at the benefits of WhatsApp marketing, you will not ignore this channel.

It Is The Most Used Platform

If you are running a campaign, you should use the platform where all your customers hang out. WhatsApp is that platform. Everyone is on WhatsApp these days. For this reason, you cannot ignore this platform when you are running a marketing campaign.

It Provides Better Support

Everyone looks for good customer support. Using WhatsApp you can provide it to your customers. Emails are good to inform people about discounts and deals as well. But if you want a high open rate, you must adhere to WhatsApp marketing. It is not only easier to send messages, but it is also quick in reaching people.

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