Transactional SMS Services 

The modern marketing process has gone through a significant makeover. Everywhere marketers are using something new to promote their products. Technology has given marketing a new edge. However, despite its immense rise, technology has failed to suppress the effectiveness of SMS. In fact, with time SMS has gained more power and now it has turned into an important marketing tool. If you speak to any reputed transactional SMS service in Kolkata, you will find that with time more and more marketers are using transactional SMS to engage their customers.

Bulk SMS has already gained so much fame that it does not need any special introduction. But if you are confused about the definition of transactional SMS, you are surely not reaching enough people with your product-related information. SMS services are not used to market products only. You can use this tool to promote your concept as well. There are several benefits of transactional SMS services. But before getting into that discussion, let’s have a look at the definition of transactional SMS.

Defining Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is nothing but messages to provide information about product purchases or delivery. These text messages may also contain information about recent launches or upcoming products or discounts. The fact that you must keep in mind is – transactional messages are not timeless. These are the time-sensitive messages which companies use to alert their customers about urgent events, or price updates.

Time and again, transactional bulk SMS has proved to work its miracle when used right. This SMS service does not attempt to sell products or concepts. It is used for information purposes only. So, when you take a close look at this SMS service, you find some significant differences between transactional text messages and marketing text messages. Marketing messages are written for the purpose of sales only. But transactional messages are not for selling any product or concept. It is to inform people about their purchase and their product delivery.

Benefits Of Transactional SMS

There are many significant benefits of transactional SMS. It allows you to reach out to your customers in their preferred way. For this reason, people prefer this type of SMS when it comes to sending out an urgent message like delivery information or transactional success or failure. There is a long list of benefits of transactional SMS. Once you start utilizing it, you will understand how it can add value to your brand.

Timely Delivery:

More and more marketers are leaning heavily towards transactional SMS to send out important messages to their customers. Any transactional SMS provider will tell you that nothing ensures timely delivery better than SMS. When you send out an SMS, you know that your message gets delivered. It is one of the reasons why marketers use this tool to get in touch with their customers. SMS marketing is more effective than email marketing because the study has shown that people spend a certain time exploring their Inboxes. But they always check their text messages. So, if you want your customers to know something urgently, SMS is the best tool to use.


Engagement is one of the reasons why marketers use transactional text messages. People like to stay updated about their transactions. This type of messaging service keeps brands in people’s minds. It reduces the burden of marketing and creates a strong personal connection. Companies also get new subscribers from transactional SMS. For this reason, you need to hire a professional transactional SMS provider.

Customer Loyalty:

The best thing about transactional SMS is its approach. It directly communicates with people. For this reason, when you use transactional SMS, you open the path for more subscribers. It keeps customers engaged long after a conversation. It paves the way to build a direct connection between your customers, and your company. It drives up sales and creates a consistent experience.

What Is The Value Of SMS Marketing?

Transactional SMS service offers people a great way to provide essential information to their customers. This is why when you hire a transactional SMS service in Kolkata, you need to be a little careful. Everyone says the same thing when it comes to providing a service. However, everyone does not offer the required assistance.

We are in this industry for a long time. Our company has a separate team to compose and strategize transactional SMS service. If you are looking for a way to engage your customers and keep them updated all the time, you need to go for this SMS service.

The secret of composing a successful transactional SMS is slightly different from traditional SMS. Only expert marketers will be able to compose such messages. For this reason, we have a vast team of experts who know how to write these messages to engage customers and make an impact. Be sure to get in touch with us with your requirement. We will evaluate your project and create a profitable transactional SMS strategy.

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