SMS Marketing Strategy Tips For Everyone

SMS Marketing Strategy Tips For Everyone

A few years ago, companies did not want to invest in SMS marketing. However, with time big brands are getting working up about the benefits of SMS marketing. The open rate of SMS has made it an essential marketing tool for modern marketers. The SMS marketing services in Kolkata offer a list of tips to better use SMS marketing for more engagement and conversion.

One thing you need to understand is – SMS marketing is not used equally by everyone. Some companies fully use SMS marketing to promote their services. Some use it as a supporting marketing tool. Regardless of your way of handling SMS marketing, here is a list of tips to amplify your SMS marketing and promotional activities. 

Develop an SMS Marketing Team

A team always works better than an individual. SMS marketing can be an essential promotional tool if used properly. Remember that SMS provides immediate response, and therefore, you must be prepared to handle the requirements when customers begin to coordinate. Therefore, to get bigger benefits, you need to build a complete team of experts. Most companies approach SMS marketing as a DIY assignment without realizing the potentiality of SMS. People tend to respond more quickly when contacted by this medium. For this reason, alone you need to approach SMS marketing carefully.

Clear & Crisp Message

If you want to leverage the power of SMS, you need to adhere to short, and crisp messages. SMS does not allow a lot of space to write messages. You only have 160 characters to accommodate your information. However, the expert SMS marketing services in Kolkata encourage you to wrap your message up in fewer characters to increase engagement. No one reads long messages in this world of haste. Keeping this in mind, marketers make their messages short and clear. If possible, try to use single-line promotional text to draw customer interest.


Call to action or CTA works like wonder in generating engagement. Your SMS must include CTA to invite people to join your program. However, with the rise of CTA in digital marketing, it may get difficult to craft CTA messages. However, you can get crafty while developing CTA and create something out of the box. You can invite your customers to follow your blog, buy your product, drop you a direct message, or you can invite them to leave comments or reviews on your social media platforms. People sometimes need to be reminded of what to do. CTA does just that. So, be sure to use a call to action button when you are promoting your product or concept.

Right Time

SMS offers the kind of immediacy which marketers can use as a last-moment promotional boost. The pro SMS marketing services in Kolkata encourage people to use SMS as a promotional wrap-up. If your product launch is set for Saturday night, you should start sending SMS on Saturday morning to remind people about the upcoming event. It works 90% time. 

Lastly, to make SMS marketing work for you, it is important to know your target customers. Because you are crafting your message for them, you need to know about them for success.  

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