SMS Marketing Strategy For The Startups

SMS Marketing Strategy For The Startups

SMS marketing is one the best marketing tools which can elevate your promotional reach and help you get higher engagement. However, due to the rise of different technologies and messaging applications, people tend to avoid SMS marketing to promote their products, concepts, or companies. It is because they have a notion that SMS does not work any longer. However, this is not the case. SMS still works like a wonder and if you can develop an effective strategy, SMS marketing will work its wonder easily. You may speak to a professional SMS Marketing Solutions in Kolkata company to create your SMS marketing strategy.

What Is SMS Marketing?

If you are unsure about SMS marketing, you are not alone, because people don’t use this marketing tool a lot, and they don’t understand what SMS marketing refers to. SMS marketing is nothing but using text messages to promote some type of service or concept. SMS marketing is the perfect tool for startups. Those who want to have an affordable marketing solution can get benefit from using SMS to promote their products or companies. 

SMS Marketing Rules

If you speak to any SMS Marketing Solutions in Kolkata company, you will come to know that SMS marketing follows some rules. You should never send SMS to people who have not authorized you to do so. If you send messages to people who have not authorized you to send them messages, you may end up getting to their blocked list. 

The second rule which you need to remember is – you must adhere to the character count. Text messages should be within 160 characters. When you are sending SMS for marketing reasons, you cannot write long messages. It ruins the promotional effect completely. First, people don’t like long text messages. Second, there are networks that don’t allow sending long SMS. 

SMS timing is the most essential element when you are running an SMS campaign. Depending on your target customers, you need to send SMS at the right time. If you fail to do it, your SMS will not bring you the desired result. This is something every marketer needs to know. People who are working will not be able to open SMS in the first hour. For this reason, you need to find the demographic data before developing your SMS strategy. 

Benefits Of SMS Marketing 

SMS marketing comes with a plethora of benefits. This message campaign does not require too much money. Therefore, it is the best tool for startups. If you are looking for an affordable marketing process, SMS marketing is the one you can try. 

Also, SMS has a more than 90% open rate. If you want to reach a large number of people, SMS will be your perfect choice. It is because, when you send an SMS, around 90% of your target customers will open it. This approach gets you higher reach and better engagement. 

Things Remember When Running Your SMS Campaign

When you are running your SMS campaign, you need to remember an essential fact. SMS is more personal than any other type of message. Therefore, you will have the luxury of being more personal when it comes to SMS. You can personalize each message based on the demographic data of your target customers. It will generate more engagement and help you get higher conversion.

SMS Marketing Strategy

If you want an effective SMS marketing strategy, you need to get in touch with a professional SMS Marketing Solutions in Kolkata company. A professional will be able to develop a strategy to engage customers and get you higher profit.

Organize Your SMS Marketing Structure

If you are planning to run a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to develop a structure for your SMS campaign first. Any efficient marketing campaign follows a proper structure. Therefore, before anything else, you need to develop a structure to follow. This could be divided into a long-term and short-term structure. You need to decide which structure works for you. 

Target A Specific Group

It might be tempting to target a vast number of people when you are running a campaign. However, it is not the right approach. You need to design your campaign for a specific group of people to get a better result. 

Make SMS Marketing A Part Of an Overall Promotional Process

To get success, you need to turn SMS marketing into a part of an overall promotional process. If focus solely on SMS marketing to promote a product or a service, you may not get the desired result. For this reason, pro marketers include SMS marketing in their promotional campaigns. 

Lastly, when you are developing an SMS marketing strategy, you should include Call To Action in the messages. Call-to-action messages are great tools that make customers take an action. However, people sometimes forget to include CTA in their text messages. Due to this reason, often SMS marketing campaign fails to yield results.     

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