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Planning SMS Marketing Campaigns – Tips From Experts

Modern marketers are searching for effective SMS marketing campaigns. They all want to know what makes a text message campaign work. The problem is – most marketers are unaware of the ways to develop a successful marketing campaign. The best SMS marketing campaigns in Kolkata can make a difference in your promotional activities. However, to make a text campaign work, you need to follow some essential steps. 

Make the Matter Crisp

Message continuation never works. For this reason, it becomes important to craft a message which is both crisp and engaging. Pro marketers advise people to wrap the message within the given 160 characters. If possible, you can make it shorter for better effect. Messages that state a clear purpose works like wonder in generating the response. Confusing words and phrases can ruin a message. Keeping this in mind, you should stay away from these and make your message as clear as possible. Also, you should remember to shorten your website’s URL. A long URL does nothing to amplify customers’ interest. 

Use SMS to Send Exclusive Offers & Deals

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to engage customers, SMS marketing is the one to opt for. Businesses of different scales use SMS to promote their products and send information about offers and deals. From engaging your customers to reaching out to them, SMS marketing works wonders when it comes to generating customer response. 

Use Drip Campaigns For Engagement

The drip campaign is one of the best SMS marketing campaigns in Kolkata. Drip campaigns have been tried and tested many times over the past few years. You can use SMS to welcome your customers, you can engage them with your brand, and amplify the use of sophisticated solutions. People use drip messages to leverage their communication with their customers as well. Pro marketers send coupons to drip messages as well. 

Go For Opt-In

Frequently people block numbers when they see messages coming from unknown sources. Unsolicited texts don’t work effectively. For this reason, you need to find a way to invite your potential customers to share their numbers. Social media could be a great source from where you can collect data and information about your potential clients. 

Live Agent Notification

It is another way to make your text message campaign work for you. Your team might need information about your conversation with your clients. Live agent notifications can help your team stay updated about all the conversations and follow-ups. 

Offer Giveaways

People need to be convinced to share their numbers with you. Why should they give you their numbers? Professional marketers offer them something in exchange for their phone numbers. A phone number field on the lead generation form usually works in getting a response. In addition to this, opt-in buttons also work when you are attempting to get your potential customers’ phone numbers. When you get your potential customers’ phone numbers willingly, you make your SMS campaign legal. 

Lastly, to run the best SMS marketing campaigns in Kolkata successfully, you need a team of experts. A professional SMS marketing company can take your brand promotion to the next level.

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