Importance Of Text Message Marketing To Business Promotion

Importance Of Integrating Text Message Marketing To Business Promotion

Businesses of all sizes are waking up to the benefits of integrating text messages into their business promotional plans. Text messages have been put aside because of their lack of technicality. However, with a recent surge in the popularity of SMS marketing, everyone is opting for text message-based marketing plans. Text message marketing in Kolkata has taken a different form because of the open rate and the high conversion potential. Yet, some are not convinced about text message marketing. If you are undecided about this medium of promotion, you can always consider the list of benefits given below.

Direct Message Delivery

If you are searching for a promotional plan which allows you to send a direct message to your potential customers, you can turn to SMS marketing. A text message is the best possible option for anyone who wants to use a message channel that gets read frequently. It has been seen that around 98% time people open their text messages and read them. 

Instant Message Delivery

Instant message delivery is another benefit that makes text marketing an essential tool to use for business promotion. Anyone who wants to use a message channel that ensures immediate message receiving can choose text messages as their primary promotional tool. It allows people to send messages to their potential customers with the surety that the messages will get delivered. This particular aspect makes SMS marketing a much-used tool in modern times. 

Great Open Rate

Open rate is another aspect that makes text message marketing in Kolkata an essential marketing tool. Smartphone users usually respond to CTAs. They follow the instructions of text messages. However, people will follow CTA when they open messages. For this reason, text messages bring a high conversation rate as 98% time people open their SMS. More and more companies are using text messages to promote their products because of this reason.

Personalized Message

Personalized texts can do wonders for business promotion. SMS succeeds in generating engagement because these are personalized messages. You can use these messages to promote your products, concepts, and even your ideas. Also, using SMS, you can build a good client relationship. This is why experts suggest investing time in SMS message development. Your message should be crisp and clear. Although SMS does not allow the space to write long texts, you can still do better if you slash some characters and try to make your messages shorter. 


The cost-effectiveness of SMS marketing is probably the best thing to look forward to. Because text marketing is affordable, anyone can opt for this amazing service to promote their business. If you have a tight budget, you can use bulk text messages for marketing. Text marketing is the best tool for small-scale business owners who want to reach a hefty number of people to promote their products and concepts. 

Lastly, text message marketing in Kolkata has the luxury of making promotional messages fun and engaging. Such messages not only attract people’s attention but also make interaction easier. However, to make SMS marketing work for you, it is essential to plan the entire process properly.

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