Bulk SMS Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Bulk SMS Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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Remember that 90% of text messages get opened instantly. This is why SMS marketing is gaining value with time. Business owners with a low budget turn towards SMS marketing because it can get them the desired reach. If you develop the right campaign, you are sure to get a result. However, if you consult the bulk SMS marketing services in Kolkata, you will get to know that developing the right campaign is not as easy as it seems. An SMS marketing campaign is not about sending out messages and then sitting around waiting for customers to take an action. It is more than that. For this reason, if you are planning to run SMS marketing campaigns to add value to your brand, you need to pay attention to some essential facts. You must remember to avoid a few mistakes that might ruin your campaign completely.

Wrong Time

Most aspiring marketers make this particular mistake. They end up sending out SMS at the wrong time. It does not only ruin a beautifully crafted message, but it also ruins the reputation of the sender. Expert marketers avoid this rookie mistake because they don’t send messages at the wrong time. Any message sent outside the official hour might fail to attract attention. If the recipient does not open your message, even the best offer will fail. For this reason, it is necessary to gather demographic data before developing your SMS marketing campaign. Any pro marketer will tell you to stick to the 9 to 5 time strictly. 

Not Saying Thanks For Signing Up

SMS marketing rule says that you should not send out anyone text messages without their permission. If you want to send out text messages to your customers, be sure to send them a greeting after signing up. It will help them remember your brand. The bulk SMS marketing services in Kolkata usually tailor this message to make sure that people remember that they have signed up. Now sending out a greeting may prove to be a mistake because people may forget that they have given you permission to send promotional messages.

Being Too Formal

If you are hoping to get the attention of your target customers and want them to take action according to your CTA, you need to be a little interactive. When you send a text message, you attempt to engage your customers. Being too formal is going to be a mistake because people don’t respond to formal messages very well. In fact, they don’t like to receive messages that are written in the stiff language. Make sure to show your personality in the message you are about to send out. Being overly formal may affect you negatively. 

Not Including Opt-Out Option

Always give your customers the option to opt-out if they want to. A message which does not have an opt-out button is sure to offend a lot of people. For this reason, be sure to include an opt-out option in your text message. Allow your customers to close the message if they want to. It will increase your brand value but not including this button is going to damage your brand’s reputation.

Ignoring Call To Action

Call To Action might seem like an overly used tool but this tool still works like wonder when it comes to getting engagement and conversion. People usually pay a lot of attention to the opening line of a message. However, they don’t pay attention to the closing most of the time. However, the closing is as essential as the opening. Therefore, when you are wrapping your message you need to add a quick and effective call to action. 

Writing a CTA needs a little skill. You should make it personal to get people’s attention. Also, you should always create a faint sense of urgency when you are writing the CTA at the end of the message.

Long URL’s

Of course, you will want your potential customers to land on your website. For this reason, you are sure to include your company’s website URL in the text message you are sending out. However, sometimes adding long URL puts people off. For this reason, at the time of adding the company URL you need to shorten it up so that people get to click on the URL.

Sending SMS Out Randomly

The greatest SMS marketing mistake lies in random text messages. The bulk SMS marketing services in Kolkata say that most of the SMS marketing campaigns fail because of a lack of proper strategy. If you are looking for a quick result for your SMS marketing campaign, you need to develop a strategy that will get you the desired result.

Lastly, when you are creating your SMS marketing campaign, you should focus on a specific group of people only. Focusing on everyone and trying to please outside your niche can be a mistake. Be sure to write upfront messages. You need to tell your customers about the purpose of the SMS right away. 

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