Promotional SMS Service in Kolkata

When promoting your product or concept, if you are using all forms of media but not paying attention to SMS service, you are depriving yourself of reaching the mass. A lot of people do not use smartphones, even today. People who live in rural areas, or elderly people too technically impaired to handle a smartphone, will never be able to take advantage of WhatsApp marketing messages. As a result, you will not only lose a chance of selling to these people, but you also lose out when it comes to increasing your subscribers. Therefore, it is time you give a professional promotional SMS service in Kolkata a call and develop an effective SMS strategy to get more reach.

What Is Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS is used by marketers for promotional purposes. If you want to reach a vast number of people within a short while, you use promotional text messages. There is only one objective of promotional messages. It is to make people click on a particular link. Promotional text messages direct people to land on a website or a portal.

Businesses use this type of message to promote their products or their events. These messages are not for any other purpose. Mostly promotional messages offer information about some deals or discounts. Companies that offer Promotion SMS service in Kolkata use this as a marketing tool.

Bulk SMS marketing service has gained such fame due to its high-return approach. If you are seeking a service that does not burn your pocket and provides you with an excellent return on your investment, you cannot ignore SMS services. However, when you are going to spend money on SMS service, you have the right to wonder what it is going to do for you. Here is a quick look at the advantages you can expect from promotional SMS services.

Cost Reduction

Regardless of the size of a company, marketers are always on the lookout for cost reduction. Who does not want to reduce promotional costs and increase company profit? Everyone wants that type of approach. This want has given rise to Promotional Bulk SMS service. Traditional text messages don’t require a lot of money. Rather, those who are looking for affordable promotional services can opt for SMS marketing because it takes minimum expenditure.

Higher Reach

Because everyone checks their text messages, SMS has excellent reach. In case, you want a promotional service that helps you to reach more people, you should use bulk SMS service to amplify your promotional activities.

Better Engagement

Marketers look for engagements all the time because only by engaging people do marketers get to sell their products or concepts. For this reason, more and more people are turning towards promotional SMS to promote their products.

Promotional SMS Vs Transactional SMS

If you are confused between promotional SMS and transactional SMS, you are not alone. A lot of people get confused about these two. The key difference between promotional and transactional SMS lies in the promotional factor. Transactional SMS is not for marketing. The purpose of these messages is to inform people about some transaction or transaction-related activities. But promotional text messages are composed for marketing and promotion.

Another significant difference between these two messages is – the delivery time. Promotional messages are mostly sent during day time or till 9 pm. However, transactional messages don’t have such restrictions. These messages can be sent anytime.

Promotional messages are sent to increase website traffic. If you want more visitors, you use promotional SMS to make people visit your landing page. However, transactional messages don’t get traffic. These are for existing customers and are directly related to brand value. If you want to increase your company’s credibility, you can use transactional SMS.

Tricks To Write Effective Promotional SMS

A professional marketer will tell you that it is not easy to write promotional SMS. There are certain tricks professionals follow when they compose this type of message.

An effective promotional message must be personalized. It is customer specific. You give your target customers what they are looking for. Therefore, you need a professional team to write these types of messages. To make these messages more effective, marketers use demographic data. From age group to location, everything plays a big role in the promotional message writing process.

Why Hire Us?

We are a reputed bulk promotional SMS service providing company. We have a large team of marketers who compose, strategize, and plan SMS campaigns. Be it transactional SMS or promotional ones, we have a proven track record to ensure everything works well.

Our team is known for its professionalism. We put our clients before anything else. Our team of marketers sits with our clients and develops a plan for SMS campaigning. It does not matter what you are looking for, we have a customizable package for all your needs. With our bulk Promotional SMS service, we will help you build a loyal customer base and improve communication.

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